Wednesday, 16 November 2011

50 greatest movie cars: The italian Job and Mr Bean

The votes are in, and we can finally reveal the UK’s favourite movie car. Thousands of you took part in our survey, each with your own view on what makes a star car. Some were larger than life, such as Herbie or Lightning McQueen, while others were driven in memorable chases, like Steve McQueen’s Mustang in Bullitt.

3rd. The Italian Job, Mini Cooper S (1968)
Arguably the single most successful promotional tool for the Mini, 1969’s ultimate Brit flick served as the perfect demonstration of the Mini Cooper S’ race-bred handling. Over 30 cars were used to create the Turin getaway sequence, including the dressed-up standard Minis that came to grief in the finale. Sadly, none survives.

21st. Mr Bean, Mini 1000 (1979)
Rowan Atkinson’s man-child perfectly suited nursery green Mini with black bonnet and padlock on driver’s door. Read More...