Wednesday, 30 November 2011

BMW launches 'green' MINI in Durban

The car is not identical to its petrol-powered counterparts because it has to haul a lithium-ion battery pack, which takes up so much room that the MINI E is forced to ditch the back seat to accommodate it.

The car comes with a special charging adapter installed at an owner's home, which recharges the MINI E in just over two hours.

It also can plug into a standard wall socket. While the car can only reach a miserly 40km/h, it is a hot item, especially for celebrities in countries such as Germany, Japan and the US.

"Back in 2000, the BMW Group launched the Efficient Dynamics development strategy and today it delivers measurable benefits for the climate, resources and customers," said Bodo Donauer, managing director of BMW South Africa. Read More...