Saturday, 12 November 2011

Motor Museum to celebrate 50 years of the Mini as an Australian

IT'S starred in movies, carried royalty and rock stars, been an icon that became a trendsetter - and tomorrow celebrates its 50th birthday as an Australian.

The Mini was a breakthrough in car design, so small that it gave its name to the miniskirt, or a mini-budget, even a mini-cyclone.

Released in the UK in late 1959, it was first officially imported into Australia in 1961 and is now celebrating half a century since it was first produced in this country.

Known as the Morris 850, the just 3m-long Mini came off the BMC production line in Sydney from 1961, with its 850cc engine giving a mere 25kW power and sitting on its rollerskate-like 25cm diameter wheels - all for $1550 brand new. About 200,000 Minis were built there until 1978, the company by then known as Leyland. Read More...