Tuesday, 9 April 2013

BMW MINI Cooper S Coupe review (2011 onwards)

We meet the MINI Cooper S Coupe, another variation on MINI’s funky, sporty small car formula.
On one level, selling cars in the modern motor marketplace is easy. You come up with a formula that works then you diversify as though your shareholders’ approval and your job depends upon it (it probably does). BMW didn’t actually come up with the MINI formula but true to form, it did successfully repurpose it and is now milking it like a French farmer with a claret-producing cow.

The MINI Cooper S Coupe represents the MINI brand’s prolific diversification in action. It’s a three-door Coupe version of the MINI. Yes, we know the ordinary MINI hatch is a three-door too but this is a ‘coupe’ with a lower, supposedly sportier, roofline and no back seats. It’s powered by the energetic 1.6-litre turbocharged engine that has been an ever-present feature in the quick MINIs we’ve enjoyed recently. Read More...