Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Location sharing technology for BMW and MINI

New tie-up between BMW MINI and app developer will allow drivers to share their location with contacts and Facebook.

MINI cars will soon be compatible with an app that lets drivers share their location with contacts and warn them if they’re running late. 

The free Glympse smartphone app allows users to send a message to people on their contacts list letting them know where they are, where they’re heading and what their estimated time of arrival is, without needing to type out a text message or make a phone call. 

It can also be used to warn all attendees of a meeting scheduled into a smartphone's calendar that the user is running late. Or to send updates on the user's location via Facebook and Twitter. 

The app is set to be fully integrated with models with BMW Apps and MINI Connected Drivers later this spring, allowing owners to use the app via their car's dashboard controls.  Read More...