Tuesday, 21 May 2013

BMW MINI Paceman has space, man!

The new Paceman is the seventh model to enter the MINI catalogue. For reference, the manifest consists of Hatch, Convertible, Clubman, Roadster, Coupe and Countryman.

Because the Paceman uses the same floorpan as the Countryman, it is not an Oxford, England-built car like most MINIs and derivatives, the car is made at the BMW MINI plant in Graz, Austria, where the coupe body style is added, along with a set of rounded rear "shoulders". You'll like it. Or you won't. It's fifty-fifty in our office straw poll.

It's effectively a Countryman with three doors instead of that car's five, with a sloping roofline that looks from the side not unlike that of a Range Rover Evoque, whose buyers, MINI says, form part of the Paceman's intended market demographic.

I can't see it myself. It's not as pretty as the Evoque for instance, starts at about $30,000 cheaper and to all intents and purposes seems more a competitor for the GTi brigade formed by the hottest versions of the VW Golf, Citroen DS3 and Ford Focus. Read More...