Saturday, 8 June 2013

Happy 50th Birthday Porsche 911! Says Mini

MINI recently took the time to send a "Happy 50th Birthday" wish to the Porsche 911. When we first saw MINI's announcement we were kind-of surprised too and then it hit us. These two car companies are more similar than you think. To start off, both of them kept their same design cues over the years.

Even though technologically they are now miles ahead of the first versions, the modern-day 911 and MINI are still shaped in similar ways to the original cars. The British company kept the center speedo and front fascia design as much as possible, whilst Porsche has had the same front and rear general lines ever since it was released.

Furthermore, even the feeling of the cars wasn't changed. The MINI still has that go-kart feel when you're behind the wheel, even though the size changed quite significantly, whilst the 911 is the same high-performance car, as always. Read More...